Andy Roddick, opportunity giver

The Andy Roddick Foundation works so that all children have abundant opportunities to reach their full potential. They believe that talent is universal but understand that opportunity is not, and we know opportunity matters. Children in low-income communities experience an opportunity gap – they consistently have less enriching opportunities outside the school day than their better-off peers. To eliminate this gap, the Andy Roddick Foundation develops and invests in effective programs to create meaningful opportunities for children to learn, succeed, and thrive.
They focus on out-of-school time, meaning those hours before and after-school as well as summers, weekends, and during school vacations. The average student spends 80% of their waking hours outside the classroom. These are the hours when students are at risk of losing academic skills, being a victim of violent crime, gaining weight by not being physically active, and engaging in risky behaviors. The Andy Roddick Foundation works to transform this time into hours of opportunity, and high-quality out-of-school time programs can have a positive and lasting effect on students by keeping them safe, engaged, and active.

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