How can you track a student’s progress?

Drop the Chalk builds software for teachers. Their first product, Kickboard, makes it possible for teachers to track student academic and behavior progress continuously, so they can ensure their students are on track to meet end of year goals and can make adjustments along the way.

Whether one is just getting started with behavior management or fully practicing a schoolwide program such as PBIS or Social Emotional Learning, Kickboard is the best technology for schools that want to see real results from a better school culture. It is essential in helping support students by keeping small problems small. All in a dynamic interface that brings together all kinds of behavior data.

Jennifer Medbery, founder and CEO of Kickboard by Drop the Chalk, is a software developer who spent three years in the classroom as a high school math teacher. She needed a way to make better instructional decisions based on data that showed which skills students knew, which they had yet to master, and how student behavior impacted academic achievement.



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