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Zhang Xin, one of the wealthiest (and self-made) women in the world is running the SOHO Foundation in China. SOHO China Foundation is committed to supporting not-for-profit initiatives related to education in China, the area Xin feel is most underfunded and underserved in her country. She believe that the enhancement of learning methodologies and conditions and the promotion of civic duty, public responsibility, and moral education are essential to the long-term prospects of the millions of impoverished families in China. One of the main branches,Teach for China, recruits and trains exemplary university graduates from leading universities in the US and China to teach in high poverty and underserved communities in rural Yunnan and Guangdong provinces.

In these communities, classrooms are overcrowded, teachers are undertrained, and students lag behind national education standards, with little chance of receiving the education they need to improve their life circumstances.

Teach for China draws on the resource of talented and passionate young leaders from China and the US to help close the achievement gap that leaves millions of Chinese children behind every year. The organization actively supports Fellows to become effective educators who can profoundly change their students’ life prospects, and continue to impact educational equity as alumni. Another project is called The Children’s Virtues Project is designed to awaken a sense of personal and communal responsibility among children and spark their drive for excellence.

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