How to overcome the disaster of the paper industry

The paper industry is an ecological disaster. Vast forests are mowed down to provide the raw material, which is then treated with toxic chemicals, only to be quickly buried back into the ground (paper accounts for about 40% of a typical American landfill). With this in mind Jeff Mendelsohn created New Leaf Paper in 1998. He worked closely with mills to use recycled waste paper and environmentally friendly bleach to create high-quality stock that is largely used to print magazines.

The mission of New Leaf Paper is to be the leading national source for environmentally responsible, economically sound paper. They supply paper with the greatest environmental benefit while meeting the business needs of our customers. Their goal is to inspire a fundamental shift toward environmental responsibility in the paper industry.

Using an adequate model, New Leaf Paper was first to market with 100% post-consumer papers of unparalleled brightness and printing specifications, including the first-ever 100% post-consumer recycled coated papers, book publishing papers and more. Its product innovation and market success has caused major paper manufacturers to take notice and to enhance the environmental design of their products — indirectly widening New Leaf Paper’s environmental impact.

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