Reporters Without Borders

Every year, some 500 journalists are arrested, 1,000 assaulted or threatened, and over 500 media outlets censored. All of these violations have serious consequences that need to be tracked in order to better counteract them.

This is the mission of the Reporters Without Borders’ Research hub, whose activities are carried out according to geographical area. Each zone’s research specialists observe and report any attacks on press freedom. Their daily monitoring efforts are a prerequisite for any action undertaken by the organization.

Netizens now play an essential role in the vanguard of news coverage worldwide. However, they are increasingly becoming victims of threats and censorship by governments that fear this new cyberspace of freedom. Reporters Without Borders assists independent media outlets operating in a sensitive or unstable environment. In times of crisis such as war, political unrest or humanitarian disasters, the organization works to keep information flowing. The association created a Media Operations Centre to achieve these goals in Haiti after the January 2010 earthquake.

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