The Big Picture

By conservative estimates, one in five people are dyslexic. Although very bright and often highly creative, they have a difficult time making sense of written language. When James Redford was given the extraordinary opportunity to make a film about understanding dyslexia, the mission was simple: make the movie he wishes his family could have seen when his dyslexic son, Dylan, was functionally illiterate in 4th grade.

This film reveals that dyslexia is a neurological issue, not a character flaw. It explains that the struggle with the written word is not an indication of one’s ability to think, to create, or to solve problems – all valuable skills in the world outside the classroom. This film also reveals that some of our greatest leaders in business, law, politics and medicine are dyslexics who succeeded in spite of their learning challenges.

The film finally shares some of the more practical – and occasionally humorous – tips on how to deal with dyslexia on a daily basis. The Big Picture wishes to help dyslexics and their families realize that the challenges of early education will be behind them one day, and that the future can – and should – be brighter for dyslexics.

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