Best solution: Trees

Marie Noelle Keijzer
Co-founder and CEO of WeForest

While most people are now starting to be really concerned with the consequences of global warming, our philosophy is that only action makes a difference. We are scientists who have developed a model where corporate sponsorship is matched with public and private grants in order to accelerate and scale the protection and restoration of our degraded forests. We develop and manage high quality projects where trees benefit our global climate, local people, local wildlife and restore soils. Our impact is measured and your trees are shown with GS points on maps.
We know that restoring the equivalent of the surface of India (350 m ha) would enable us to stay under 2°c temperature increase: should for example every liter of beer fund 1 cent for trees, it would take us only 14 years to get there! This is not counting on all the other products we consume : imagine how easy if would be if everything we purchase planted a tree. As a consumer we have a choice and can ask our favorite brands to act. Why wait?

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