The beauty and the strength of Africa


Founded in 2016 through my background in social justice issues, The Best of Africa is an online media platform that provides a-political news, commentary and analysis on Africa through submissions from a network of volunteers from diverse backgrounds who are African, in the diaspora and non-Africans who are passionate about the continent.
Through written and visual modes of expression (articles, poems, art and photography), we aim to provide a platform for members of African societies and those in the diaspora especially the youth to engage in open constructive discussions about Africa. The contents of the platform do not focus on problems but rather solutions and harness people’s diverse talents and capabilities to demonstrate that the beauty of our continent lies in our people and their ability to tell their own stories.
Since its founding the platform has grown to feature the work of 80+ individuals , to include more categories (sport, arts and culture, destinations and issues beyond Africa) and external contributions  from syndicating partners (She Leads Africa, Arab Millennial, The Out of Touch Unionist).
The platform has opened new opportunities for me. I am now a Young African Leadership Initiative fellow and a 2018 Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur. The hope in the coming year is to pay contributors for the work and to expand our services to include Afrocentric events, merchandise, community outreach and to continue to showcase the work of those who do not have opportunities to do so.