Defining Good Healthcare



The ‘Strengthening Primary Care and Response to Epidemics’ project is based on the integrative, needs-based health care delivery and community oriented patient care that RockHealth Integrated Care Organization (RICO) holds dearly. Following the limited integration of health care providers in dispensing primary health services, this project engages an inter-disciplinary approach in screening, treatment and providing health education on infectious tropical and non-communicable diseases (NCDs). This offers a consultative approach to patient-centered care between health care providers. 

The RICO medical team consists of physicians, clinical officers, pharmacists, nurses, nutritionists, psychologists, lab technicians and social workers who work collaboratively to ensure quality therapeutic outcomes in the field hospitals. The approach to both tropical infectious and non-communicable diseases is predominantly through early screening and instituting relevant treatment to particularly, infectious diseases while also providing preventative health education against both diseases. Inter-Disciplinary Forums (IDFs) are in essence organized before setting up field hospitals so as to provide refresher courses for our medical team.

Setting up field hospitals in this project takes a different approach to its peers as the county government is a pertinent player in establishing a private-public partnership. In the past, the county government has provided ward administrators and community health volunteers to facilitate an extensive mobilization in communities and ensure secure passage through areas associated with armed conflicts. Important information regarding the prevalent infectious diseases is essential in ensuring that health services are geared towards the needs of the community as provided by the county health administration. In line with preparing health facilities in mounting a robust primary health care system, we are currently working with county administrators of Baringo County, particularly the Deputy Governor and the Minister of Health in Baringo who have been receptive το this project. The epidemiological report generated from these projects has been vital in responding to future epidemics and in the mobilization of facilitation or medical support.

Moreover, while this project aims at strengthening the primary health sector in the face of current infectious and non-communicable disease, it is not entirely vertical. The project ensures that it also provides a syntonic response to other diseases out of its scope, such as distribution of humanitarian relief food and reproductive health services to areas that we set camp.



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