Don’t like this law? change it yourself in 7 steps

What follows is some wisdom from the wikiHow :

“They say “you can’t fight city hall.” However, as wikiHow readers know, you can do almost anything you put your mind to, if you follow a few simple steps. To change a law, start by doing some research, finding the right level of government to approach, and looking into pending legislation. Then you can contact your legislator and get the process rolling. It may take awhile to accomplish your goal, but changing a law through the democratic process is one of your basic rights as a citizen. See if there is another jurisdiction that looks at the same issue a different way. For example, if you think that the income tax is a bad way to collect money to fund the government, is there another state that funds itself without an income tax? Look at their legislation to determine what options are presently available.

Know what level of government is responsible for the law. Is it a National law? Then you might want to enlist the help of a Senator or Congressman. Is it a state law? Then a local assemblyman, or state house representative or a state senator is the person to see. Finally if the law is a county or town ordinance seek out the local councilman, alderman, supervisor, mayor, or county executive. See if there are any pending pieces of legislation that might accomplish the goal and are already in the legislative pipeline. Book a meeting with your legislator, now that you’re armed with a good idea about other pending legislation (or lack thereof) and examples of other ways governments handle your issue.

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