Make all voices count

Making All Voices Count is a global initiative that supports innovation, scaling, and research to deepen existing innovations and help harness new technologies. The goal: enable citizen engagement and government responsiveness. It focuses global attention on creative and cutting-edge solutions, including those that use mobile and web technology, to ensure the voices of all citizens are heard and that governments have the capacity, as well as the incentive, to listen and respond. Making All Voices Count tries to achieve a substantial push towards effective democratic governance and accountability. They believe that open government depends on closing the feedback loop between citizens and government. How can this channel be closed? By creating: tools that enable citizens to give feedback on government performance, stronger incentives for, and greater capacity within, governments to respond to citizens’ feedback.

For example, online reporting platforms enable citizens to monitor the election process by reporting intimidation, vote buying, bias and misinformation; access to mobile technology allows citizens to update water suppliers on gaps in service delivery; crisis information can be crowd sourced via eyewitness reports of violence, as reported by email and SMS. The rise of mobile communication, the installation of broadband and the fast-growing availability of open data offer tremendous opportunities for data journalism and new media channels. They can inspire governments to develop new ways to fight corruption and respond to citizens efficiently, effectively and fairly. In short, developments in technology and innovation mean that government and citizens can interact like never before.

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Web site: http://www.makingallvoicescount.org/

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