No more impunity for criminals

Founded by a group of lawyers, torture victims and human rights activists when the Rome Statute establishing the International Criminal Court entered into force in 2002, the Geneva-based TRIAL (Track Impunity Always) is committed to wielding the law in support of victims of international crimes. It is apolitical and non-confessional and has consultative status before the United Nations Economic and Social Council. The main objective of TRIAL is to put the law at the service of the victims of international crimes (genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, torture and forced disappearances).

In this sense, the organization fights against the impunity of the perpetrators and instigators of the most serious international crimes and their accomplices, defends the interests of the victims before Swiss tribunals, international human rights organisms and the International Criminal Court and raises awareness among the authorities and the general public regarding the necessity of an efficient national and international justice system for the prosecution of international crimes.

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