The solutions are already there

Hong kong: Joachim Jake Layes, writes on the urgency of climate change and presents some excellent initiatives to reverse the trends

The urgent need for disaster-resilient homes and schools

USA: Erik Dyson, present the excellent response of All Hands and Hearts

A city network propelling a locally driven energy transition

France/Belgium: David Donnerer presents the work of Energy Cities

An outstanding initiative for making climate risks tangible

Nicolas Schuerhoff presents The right open project

The voice of a silent majority

Belgium : Claudia Orlandini presents the work of LIFE

The smaller the village, the greater the opportunities

Smart, self-sustaining villages: Nupur Agarwal, Correspondent of OLBIOS in India, turns the spotlight on Evolve

The amazing facts of the energy poverty and a proposal to overcome it

From Paris, Marilyn Smith is presenting EnAct

Fighting the big fights

Caring for 100,000 animals each year

Social Housing in Angola

The work of the Development Workshop

When the schools disappeared in Antigua & Barbuda

The hurricane and the resilience

Best solution: Trees

The impact of forest and landscape restoration according to WeForest

Robert Redford and the art of activism

an actor, a Center, as well as Avery, Victor and James

Supporting the birds

the work of American Bird Conservancy

A coalition on violence against animals

animal cruelty as related to other forms of violence (videos with disturbing content, viewer discretion is advised))

Better than the Nobel Prize?

The Katerva Network, Solutions and Awards

The liquid star

Matt Damon and his fight with Water.org

The amazing 144 secrets of Nature

Pioneering natural history documentary at its best

Paradise or oblivion?

(re) watch the famous film featuring Jacque Fresco

Rebel Architecture

meet Santiago Cirugeda and other Guerrilla architects

That moment of epiphany

how Martin von Hildebrand created the Gaia Amazonas

In the beginning was the farmer

Andrew Youn and the work of One Acre Fund

Even David Cameron was impressed

Nigel Lowthrop and the off the grid living

The 350 messengers

and their fight in 190 countries

Living and leading in Canada

the DiverseCity project