The Journal

Food excess is the neglected issue in the hospitality industry

Benjamin Lephilibert, Founder of LightBlue Environmental Consulting, writes on why food waste is the elephant in the room, especially in the hotel sector

Do we still want to maximise consumption?

Jon Alexander, Founder and Director at New Citizenship Project, writes on sustainable consumption, the idea of consumption as a panacea and the Citizen Confidence Index

Do only crises bring us closer?

In an article contributed to OLBIOS, Angela Tolliday asks whether we can connect only during crises and claims that this is intimately connected to knowing one’s neighbours.

Having faith in dialogue

In his interview with OLBIOS, Zakaria El Hamel, President of Youth for Peace and Dialogue between Cultures in Morocco, tells us about his work to maintain a dialogue on human rights and beyond.

Helping children but also their communities

Rosalie Tieges spoke to OLBIOS from Thailand on how caring for children also creates much-needed jobs for their local communities

The meaning of Home

Antigoni Alexiou talks from Greece on her work supporting asylum seekers, refugees and migrants that have faced torture, violence and abuse.

Immersing ourselves in other cultures

Katy Kavanaugh, founder at 360.tv, spoke to OLBIOS from San Francisco on how travel is a great teacher and the gift of being able to immerse ourselves in a culture other than our own.

Foreign aid, reparations, and community investment

Dr. Christopher Stanfill, international development professional in New York, writes on how we need to rethink the lens through which foreign aid is viewed.

A new approach to humanitarian assistance

Antoine Richards highlights the work of Peacebuilding Solutions and its new approach in re-stabilizing the livelihoods of people who have become refugees or internally-displaced persons.

When information flows halfway

Amaya Alexandra Ramos spoke to OLBIOS from Washington, D.C., on puncturing the barriers preventing the flow of vital information to people like herself who work with human trafficking, forced migration and trauma.

No future?

Environmental extinction and COVID-19: How children and teenagers fight worldwide for a better future and how social structures may prevent this.

Creating a ‘national story’ of solutions

David Laurent, Head of Climate & Resources department at EpE, tells OLBIOS from France about business issues that weren’t even on the table a year ago.

The fight against common and fundamental diseases

Nick Sireau, the founder of Orchard, spoke to OLBIOS from London on the lack of funds for OCD research and on how nature reveals its secrets ‘apart from the beaten path’

Giving vulnerable people tools for empowerment

Mahmoud Riyad, Social Innovation Specialist at Jordan River Foundation, spoke to OLBIOS from Jordan on the importance of providing tools that allow people to serve their communities and beyond.

Creating Businesses out of Problems

Julien Verzier, Co-Director at BroadLeaf Group, spoke to OLBIOS from Cape Town, SA, on how the economy can benefit only if its direct environment benefits also.

Adapting to the rules of the Earth’s Ecosystem

Alexandre Lemille, Director of Anthesis Group (France), spoke to OLBIOS on the challenge of an economy with the least amount of energy and how linear leaders become circular laggards.

Is it possible to be optimistic about the future of Turkey?

Human rights activist Baris Bayram, founder of the EPE Movement, talks about unjust hardships, challenges, and minor or major achievements.

Tracking real needs, in real time

Canadian Natasha Freidus, Founder of NeedsList, tells OLBIOS that donations often come without a clear beneficiary and how the factor determining longevity is your postal code

Allowing people to thrive at home

Harriette Rothwell spoke to OLBIOS on how she found her calling in Guatemala, on the importance of allowing people to thrive where they live and the vital support she provides in nonprofits.

Learning to see like an anthropologist

California, USA: Jeff Katcherian, Founder at Culture Academy, talks to OLBIOS on underrepresented students and how to expand their understanding of the world and their worlds.

For a successful economy, look at well-being

Diego Isabel La Moneda, Executive Director NESI Forum of New Economy and Social Innovation talked to OLBIOS from Spain on the idea of co-creating the economy.

Civil society’s new roles in the post-pandemic world

Massimo Trombin, CEO at Instituto Global da Paz, talks to OLBIOS from Brazil about the pandemic’s impact on civil society.

Changing what ‘normal’ means

Gerardo Gaya talks to OLBIOS from Mexico on the experiences and autism diagnosis that led him to found Iluminemos de Azul and on what ‘normal’ really means

Big effects through small change: Permaculture as a Philosophy

Eller Everett, cofounder OF BothOfUs, spoke to OLBIOS from Spain about the need to think small when it comes to environmental impact and change.