The Journal

The humanist architect

The temporary structures of Shigeru Ban

The Obamas against obesity

The impact of the Let’s Move! initiative

Opening the global markets to artists

A presentation of the Novica initiative

Young Women Social Entrepreneurs

Discover a rapidly growing community

Where is the room where I can read?

Or how to give books to 15 million children

Listening to the Sacred Voices

Watch an outstanding short film on the sacred natural sites in Africa

Do we still want to maximise consumption?

Jon Alexander, Founder and Director at New Citizenship Project, writes on sustainable consumption and the Citizen Confidence Index

How can humanitarian aid become more effective?

Reinier Van Hoffen writes from the Netherlands on the constructive interplay between tacit knowledge and science in relation to aid effectiveness.

Do only crises bring us closer?

In an article contributed to OLBIOS, Angela Tolliday, Senior Programme Manager at Acumen, asks whether we can connect only during crises


In his article for OLBIOS, Martin Punaks writes on the powerful ‘orphan myth’ and the challenges of fighting institutionalization and orphan trafficking.

Rebel Architecture

How Santiago Cirugeda, a Sevilian artist and architect, exploits the gaps in administrative structure and official procedures in order to come up with ideas susceptible to solve the issue of housing.

Children in the margins

The tireless efforts of Sebastien Marot to assist marginalized children and youth, from orphans and drug addicts to migrants and sex workers.

How Talia Leman started her organization at 10

When she realized that by harnessing the fundraising power of kids across a country, she’d raise more than she could on her own, the organisation RandomKid was born.

What are the rights of the marginalized?

What happened after John Richardson heard the stories of the residents in the impoverished neighborhood of the Downtown Eastside in Vancouver

The Imerman angels

At 26 years old, Jonny Imerman was diagnosed with cancer and began his fight against the disease, He created the Imerman Angels on the belief that no one should have to face cancer alone.

How can you track a student’s progress?

Jennifer Medbery, a math teacher, founded Kickboard, the best technology for schools that want to see real results from a better school culture.

What matters the most for a tennis player

Find out how The Novak Djokovic Foundation is working towards the improvement of conditions in which children in Serbia get education, grow up and play

Conscious Commerce

How Barbara Burchfield and Olivia Wilde are promoting the causes, brands, people and lifestyles that are forging a new paragon of living.

What is the most effective way to give back?

Meet Catchafire, a community of individuals striving to push the social good sector forward by focusing on efficient ways to give back.

Supporting the birds

How the American Bird Conservancy conserve native birds and protect their habitats throughout the Americas.

The courage of a journalist

Inone of the most dangerous countries for journalists, Adela Navarro Bello continues to work despite the threats against her life.

The bees and Leigh-Kathryn

How to dave the dwindling honeybee population while providing corporations with a novel approach to sustainability

The pandemic's silver linings

Jordan: Rana Nejem tells OLBIOS about how the pandemic brought people together in the Arab world, often in unprecedented ways.

A financial ecosystem for the unbanked

How Sheena Allen is protecting victims of predatory lending through CApWay