The Journal

A financial ecosystem for the unbanked

How Sheena Allen is protecting victims of predatory lending through CApWay

The dream wedding in Algeria

How An Algerian charity has funded a mass wedding for 30 couples who were too poor to afford a proper marriage ceremony

Opportunities are not enough

How the Emerson Collective is removing barriers to opportunity so people can live to their full potential.

Bridging the gap between generations

The extraordinary work of the Agewell Foundation in India

Childhoods fit for children and the Alana model

The work of an outstanding Brazilian organisation on children's rights

Taking care of the disabled in Iran

From Teheran, Samaneh Shabani, OLBIOS Correspondent in Iran, presents the Tavana association

Meet the Global Voices of a Child

Rayan Ezzedine, OLBIOS correspondent in Lebanon, tells us about Global Voices of a Child.

Shaping the world beyond the pandemic

The Netherlands: Peter Merry, Chief Innovation Officer at Ubiquity, writes on Humanity Rising and on how the pandemic has brought everyone into the conversation as we all face the same predicament and future.

An eye-opener in so many dimensions

Cambridge, Massachusetts: In an interview with OLBIOS, Carin Knoop, Executive Director at Harvard Business School, addresses the issue of how this pandemic is a game-changer, revealing ‘how close to the edge many people are living’, unevenness of internet access and the importance of skilled labour, among many other things.

Smart cities need to be smarter

Cintia Jaime argues that urban density is a breeding ground for pandemics and that the current crisis is an opportunity to rethink our approach.

There is an ‘I’ in Team

What we do as individuals, our sense of responsibility within communal life, are make or break factors for what lies ahead, says Carl Liederman, in an interview with OLBIOS.

A time for charities to reinvent themselves

In his OLBIOS article, Jeremy Douglas, Vice President at Ocean Wise, uses the example of the Vancouver Aquarium to argue in favor of reinventing charity funding models.

Learning from the past how to protect our future

USA: A health crisis of this magnitude is a first for our digital era, This has raised a number of pressing questions and issues such as the ethical responsibility of accurate reporting, the role of experts in government policy and, crucially, the need for a new moral ethos, says...

Please don’t look the other way

Frank Mugisha has long risked his personal safety for the cause of LGBT rights in a nation particularly hostile to them.

Micro-loans for education

How Veronica Colondam, concerned with the increase of drug abuse and street crime among Indonesia’s youth, established a Foundation that teaches underprivileged youth to be independent through education and economic empowerment.

Mexican management

Alex Eaton and the model of Sistema Biobolsa, or how to empower farmers to take an active role to escape the cycle of rural poverty.

Who will help you grow?

How Linda Rottenberg connected talented emerging market entrepreneurs with a world-class network of business leaders, creating 200.000 jobs

The most silent victims

Moved by the plight of the victims of gender-based violence, Denis Mukwege founded his famous hospital specializing in disorders caused by trauma from sexual violence, saving the lives of thousands of women

The power of forgiveness

How music saved Alice Herz-Sommer when she was deported to a concentration camp together with her husband and their six-year-old son and why she could still talk about the joy of life when she was 108 years old.

A man’s fight to save the world

The life and the tragic death of Sergio Vieira de Mello, whose work was emblematic of a moral struggle on the global stage.

Giving the missing light

One in four Filipinos (20 million people) lacks access to electricity. Jim Ayala did something about it that works.

Young people against disaster

Watch the wonderful documentary directed by Sean Fine and Andrea Nix Fine, and the story of three exceptional children preparing for a music competition.

Nine million meals

Watch the wonderful documentary directed by Sean Fine and Andrea Nix Fine, and the story of three exceptional children preparing for a music competition.