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The power of teenagers

How two sisters from Bali are getting plastic bags banned

Listening experiences for the whole body

How deaf artists can create works using sub-frequencies

How to improve the life of bees through IoT and AI

The methods of an Italian biodeversity company

Shaking up the health industry

Gregory Rockson dreams of an Africa in good health

Soccer balls and new jobs

The impact of Alive and Kicking in Africa

Saving land, limbs and lives

The mission of Richard Yim against landmines

How to best navigate unfamiliar places

An Australian app has built the ideal route-guidance system

Artist and inventor and entrepreneur

Sophia Wang and the innovative solution of MycoWorks

A former child slave now rescues children from the same experience

Meet James Kofi Anan and the Challenging Heights

A helping hand during the rainy days

A platform for small, short term loans in the US

Food for animals that is not harming any other animals

Discovering the idea of an Austrian scientist

How to develop clothing that will live for ever

Two brothers from the Isle of Man trying to change the fashion industry

Rethinking the existing food systems, starting from the Philippines

Louise Mabulo and the Cacao Project

The way to give each tree an identity

The ambitious mission of the Austrian start-up Beetle for Tech

Restoring hope to women refugees in Jordan

Noora Sharrab and the Sitti Soap social enterprise

How to empower businesses in Brazil

Adriana Barbosa and the PretaHub

Can a young leader in Rwanda stop devastating deforestation?

Meet Jean Bosco Nzeyimana and the idea of Habona

Support for the local communities in Serbia: When there is a will there is a way?

Tanja Radovic interviews two CSR experts on the field

How can we face growing levels of poverty?

Italy: Davide Carimati reports on the exemplary project Insieme

Bridging the gap with classical music

A very special choir presented by Sara Soltani, OLBIOS Correspondent in Austria.

Getting a life through coding

From Beirut, Clementine Brown presents at OLBIOS the excellent initiative CodeBrave

The youth as active citizens

Ornella Nana, OLBIOS Correspondent in Ireland, highlights the work of INT.Y.E

An ounce of humanity goes a long way

New Delhi: The pandemic has seen extraordinary levels of mutual help, according to Alokesh Sharma, Founder of Kayantar Foundation, interviewed for OLBIOS.

Defining Oneself and Changing the Narrative

Australia: In his article for OLBIOS, Mohammed Semra, UN Humanitarian Affairs Peace Ambassador, writes on the challenge of defining oneself as opposed to being defined by others, the importance of role models and opportunity.