The Journal

The empowerment of data

Steve Hollingworth, President and CEO at Grameen Foundation, talks to OLBIOS from the US on how the ‘fifth revolution’ may be harnessed in the fight against poverty and become an agent of empowerment

‘Let our voice ring in your ears’

Kemal Shaheen, Director at Paper Boat and Trustee at Village Aid, talks to OLBIOS from the UK about the importance of listening to what children have to say.

Is it possible to prevent extreme suffering?

Answers and insights from Jonathan Leighton, CEO at OPIS, in an interview with OLBIOS

The humanist architect

The temporary structures of Shigeru Ban

The Obamas against obesity

The impact of the Let’s Move! initiative

Opening the global markets to artists

A presentation of the Novica initiative

Young Women Social Entrepreneurs

Discover a rapidly growing community

Where is the room where I can read?

Or how to give books to 15 million children

Listening to the Sacred Voices

Watch an outstanding short film on the sacred natural sites in Africa


In his article for OLBIOS, Martin Punaks writes on the powerful ‘orphan myth’ and the challenges of fighting institutionalization and orphan trafficking.

How can you track a student’s progress?

Jennifer Medbery, a math teacher, founded Kickboard, the best technology for schools that want to see real results from a better school culture.

The bees and Leigh-Kathryn

How to dave the dwindling honeybee population while providing corporations with a novel approach to sustainability

The pandemic's silver linings

Jordan: Rana Nejem tells OLBIOS about how the pandemic brought people together in the Arab world, often in unprecedented ways.

A financial ecosystem for the unbanked

How Sheena Allen is protecting victims of predatory lending through CApWay

The dream wedding in Algeria

How An Algerian charity has funded a mass wedding for 30 couples who were too poor to afford a proper marriage ceremony

Opportunities are not enough

How the Emerson Collective is removing barriers to opportunity so people can live to their full potential.

Bridging the gap between generations

The extraordinary work of the Agewell Foundation in India

Childhoods fit for children and the Alana model

The work of an outstanding Brazilian organisation on children's rights

Taking care of the disabled in Iran

From Teheran, Samaneh Shabani, OLBIOS Correspondent in Iran, presents the Tavana association

Meet the Global Voices of a Child

Rayan Ezzedine, OLBIOS correspondent in Lebanon, tells us about Global Voices of a Child.

Shaping the world beyond the pandemic

The Netherlands: Peter Merry, Chief Innovation Officer at Ubiquity, writes on Humanity Rising and on how the pandemic has brought everyone into the conversation as we all face the same predicament and future.

An eye-opener in so many dimensions

Cambridge, Massachusetts: In an interview with OLBIOS, Carin Knoop, Executive Director at Harvard Business School, addresses the issue of how this pandemic is a game-changer, revealing ‘how close to the edge many people are living’, unevenness of internet access and the importance of skilled labour, among many other things.

Smart cities need to be smarter

Cintia Jaime argues that urban density is a breeding ground for pandemics and that the current crisis is an opportunity to rethink our approach.

The ‘I’ in “Collective Action"

What we do as individuals, our sense of responsibility within communal life, are make or break factors for what lies ahead, says Carl Liederman, in an interview with OLBIOS.