Helping children but also their communities

Rosalie Tieges spoke to OLBIOS from Thailand on how caring for children also creates much-needed jobs for their local communities

The meaning of Home

Antigoni Alexiou talks from Greece on her work supporting asylum seekers, refugees and migrants that have faced torture, violence and abuse.

When information flows halfway

Amaya Alexandra Ramos spoke to OLBIOS from Washington, D.C., on puncturing the barriers preventing the flow of vital information to people like herself who work with human trafficking, forced migration and trauma.

The fight against common and fundamental diseases

Nick Sireau, the founder of Orchard, spoke to OLBIOS from London on the lack of funds for OCD research and on how nature reveals its secrets ‘apart from the beaten path’

Is it possible to be optimistic about the future of Turkey?

Human rights activist Baris Bayram, founder of the EPE Movement, talks about unjust hardships, challenges, and minor or major achievements.

Learning from the past how to protect our future

USA: Stacy Gallin, Founder and Director at MIMEH, presents in her interview with OLBIOS her work and insights on the most pressing issue: the need for a new moral ethos.

Facing the Corona challenges with local power

Benjamin Wolf, Founder of the Stay Foundation, writes at OLBIOS on why he has not followed the classical approaches in volunteer work and development aid and the two flaws in the fight against the coronavirus in Africa

Meet the Global Voices of a Child

Rayan Ezzedine, OLBIOS CORRESPONDENT in Lebanon, tells us about her work with Global Voices of a Child.

Food excess is the neglected issue in the hospitality industry

Thailand: The food waste hacker Benjamin Lephilibert, writes on why food waste is the elephant in the room, especially in the hotel sector.

Saving the lives of the prematurely born

Tanzania: Doris Mollel, Founder of the Dolis Mollel Foundation, writes at OLBIOS about how she is taking care of thousands of babies

How can we face growing levels of poverty?

Italy: Davide Carimati reports on his work with the exemplary project Insieme and on how to allow women and men to regain their human worth.

New Zealand’s mental health crisis: what society can do to prevent it

Oliver Carrington shares his experiences and explains why a thriving mental health charity sector could make a real difference in New Zealand.

The smaller the village, the greater the opportunities

Smart, self-sustaining villages: Nupur Agarwal, Correspondent of OLBIOS in India, presents her work on Evolve

Does everyone really have the right to work?

Abdullah Al Nasser, author and Founder of « Edmaj » in Jordan, writes at OLBIOS on the employment rights of former prisoners

Having faith in dialogue

In his interview with OLBIOS, Zakaria El Hamel, President of Youth for Peace and Dialogue between Cultures in Morocco, tells us about his work to maintain a dialogue on human rights and beyond.

Allowing people to thrive at home

Harriette Rothwell spoke to OLBIOS on how she found her calling in Guatemala, on the importance of allowing people to thrive where they live and the vital support she provides in nonprofits.

Changing what ‘normal’ means

Gerardo Gaya talks to OLBIOS from Mexico on the experiences and autism diagnosis that led him to found Iluminemos de Azul and on what ‘normal’ really means

Rebel Architecture

How Santiago Cirugeda, a Sevilian artist and architect, exploits the gaps in administrative structure and official procedures in order to come up with ideas susceptible to solve the issue of housing.

Children in the margins

The tireless efforts of Sebastien Marot to assist marginalized children and youth, from orphans and drug addicts to migrants and sex workers.

How Talia Leman started her organization at 10

When she realized that by harnessing the fundraising power of kids across a country, she’d raise more than she could on her own, the organisation RandomKid was born.

The Imerman angels

At 26 years old, Jonny Imerman was diagnosed with cancer and began his fight against the disease, He created the Imerman Angels on the belief that no one should have to face cancer alone.

How can you track a student’s progress?

Jennifer Medbery, a math teacher, founded Kickboard, the best technology for schools that want to see real results from a better school culture.

The courage of a journalist

Inone of the most dangerous countries for journalists, Adela Navarro Bello continues to work despite the threats against her life.

The bees and Leigh-Kathryn

How to dave the dwindling honeybee population while providing corporations with a novel approach to sustainability